Goods for Good

Goods For Good

"For me this project has been about realizing through action that ANYONE HAS THE POWER TO IMPACT CHANGE. I've been given the opportunity through Goods for Good to be able to inspire My Community to empower and employ a community across the world to help themselves grow." I designed the bag specifically with the people of Luzi in mind. The silhouette of the bag is simple but strong beautiful and functional for everyday life. The feather to me symbolizes strength.The beauty of a feather is how delicate it appears but in reality how strong it actually is. Its strength is derived from its many layers. A community is only as strong as its layers. My trip to Malawi left a permanent imprint on me. To see this community come together, work together, laugh together,and progress together was incredibly inspiring. To be able to contribute to their goals of growing stronger by working with their tailoring program and designing this bag has been an amazing experience. This has been a yearlong project for me and I'm so proud and excited for how it has turned out. The bags will all be handmade in Malawi by the tailors in the tailoring program set up by goods for good in the Luzi community. The tailors will be paid for their labor and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the bag will go back to the community and the tailors as well. Which will empower them to progress educate and grow their community. These limited edition 150 coated canvas bags have interchangeable handles so you can choose your favorite color handle and purchase additional colors separately. The bottom of the bag will have a native Malawi print sewn in to give the bag a distinct and individual feel reflecting the uniqueness of the project and where it is made.

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